Wizard Siege

Role: Lead Designer, Programmer

Genre: Action / Tower Offense / VR

Development Time: 8 weeks

Team Size: 4

Engine: Unity 2017

In Wizard Siege, you have two magic wands and a dream: to see a castle fall before you. Use your magic to hurl objects at anyone and anything in your way. But be wary, most people don’t take too kindly to wizards trying to knock down their castles!

For this game, I was the project lead and the only "technical" team member. As such, I was responsible for programming all game functionality and for managing the rest of the team and delegating tasks. 


Wizard Siege was developed as a class project in "Building Virtual Worlds", a course at MSU aimed toward creating rich experiences, and was then polished for two weeks by the Games For Entertainment and Learning Lab where I work. Wizard Siege was brought to the Traverse City Film Festival in 2018, where players of all ages enjoyed being a powerful wizard!

Screenshot (34).png

VR Programming

I was responsible for implementing all game systems, balancing those systems, and fixing bugs as I went. This was all done with the goal of producing unique play sessions for a player. My team and I spent a great deal of time determining exactly what we wanted our game loop to be and how we wanted playing the game to feel, and all balancing was done with the goal of letting a player feel like a powerful wizard, but a powerful wizard that was very susceptible to explosive damage. 

Designing for VR

My goal in creating this game was to create an experience with intuitive controls and fun abilities. ​A player with no experience in virtual reality needed to be able to understand how to play just as easily as a seasoned VR veteran. Because of this, all design was done with the goal of making each interaction understandable to the player. This includes the point-and-shoot method in which players can "grab" objects out of the air, the laser to help them direct their grabs, and the wall that crumbles progressively to tell the player when they damage it. 

Screenshot (21).png